Is Religion Only a Past and Present Period Aberration – Will Humankind Grow Out of It?

Will humankind ever grow up from the crutch of religion? Will humans ever realize that they don’t need a religion for a sense of morals? I often wonder, but I’d say if humans are still around in 500-1000 years in whatever form that religion and much of the human superstition will be nothing more than cultural history. Not long ago, I was discussing all this with someone from India, someone who didn’t hold large organized religions in high regard. Okay so, let’s talk because I told my new acquaintance that I did hold their views on religion.In fact, I further added that humans should be permitted freedom of the mind, even if they choose to allow those crutches of religion to box in their thinking. I think any human living within this present period ought to have a decent understanding of all religions; Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Religions of Nature, Spiritual religions of the mind, religions of science, and so on. By having such basic knowledge does indeed allow alternative foundations of a diverse set of thinking, this is of value, much the same as perhaps reading or enjoying movies bathed in fictional literature with stories of morality whether historical, fantasy, Sci Fi, or other.Humans seem to like to have a set of guiding principles to operate within larger societies, such guiding principles do not need to come from religion. They too can come from experience, wisdom, and reflection of such. Morality does not come from religion, it comes from the mind. The individual is the most important part of society because if all individuals are strong, then every link in the chain is strong and the society and civilization or even the whole of humanity is all the more stronger for it.I wonder if the topic of religion is even a viable topic of higher order thinking, it may be that of lower level thinking, thus, until one can get past such topics or understand religion on a philosophical level, they may not be ready to lead or worth following. See that point. Again, not to offend anyone’s beliefs, it’s just for me, it’s not needed, and I am doing fine, so one would have to ask what’s the problem or weakness with the rest of humanity?Yes, I wish them the best in their life experience, but I must realize they are work in progress and need releasing from their self-inflicted mental box. Ouch, that did sound a bit harsh didn’t it? Now then, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.